Clock Ticking On Dairy Margin Protection Program Sign-up

03:00PM Nov 24, 2014
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USDA’s Farm Service Agency pushed back the deadline for signing up for Dairy Margin Protection Program to December 5.

But that doesn’t mean farmers should wait to sign-up, as traffic could get heavy in county FSA offices as the deadline nears. That’s particularly true in counties with large numbers of dairy farms. Remember, too, FSA offices will be closed this Thursday for Thanksgiving.

To register, according to USDA:

“Eligible dairy operations must register for coverage at the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office where their farm records are maintained by:

  • “Establishing a production history by completing and submitting form CCC-781, ‘Production History Establishment’;
  • “Completing and submitting form CCC-782, ‘Contract and Annual Coverage Election’;
  • “Paying the $100 administrative fee and;
  • “Paying the premium, if any.

“An administrative fee of $100 is required to be paid for each covered year through the duration of the program.”

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