Coke Tries to Revitalize Its Bottom Line with Milk

04:48PM Dec 01, 2014
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The Huffington Post  finally picked up on Coke’s announcement that it would start retailing a premium milk this week.

It’s no secret soda sales have been floundering, and the Huffington Post article has positioned its entry into the dairy case as a potential game changer. Coke tried the same approach with a high-end juice a few years ago, and if the new effort goes as well, it could “rain money,” says Sandy Douglas, a Coke spokesperson.  

The product, fairlife, has 50% more protein and calcium and is lactose free. It was developed by Select Milk Producers, and a sales test in the Denver market showed it could revitalize milk sales. It even canabalized sales of imitation vege drinks such as soy and almond milks.

You can read more on fairlife here