Collapsing Energy Market Depresses Ag Commodities

02:55PM Nov 23, 2018
Jerry Gulke on Weekend Market Report
( Farm Journal )

As the energy market worsens this week grains followed the downward trend

This week, corn closed down a nickel, soybeans were down a dime and wheat closed down six or seven cents. Despite this collapse in the energy, there is a silver lining for farmers. It offers a grand opportunity for farmers says Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group. This collapsing energy market could offer significant savings if fuel is contracted while prices are low. Farmers could see as much as a 40 cent per gallon savings depending on their area, which could help going into the new year. Picking the bottom however is like catching a falling knife.

The other good news this week was the bullish Cattle on Feed report, released on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

“We had a Thanksgiving gift in the Cattle on Feed report. It showed less cattle on feed and less placement,” Gulke says. “Unfortunately,” he continues, “is justifies why USDA has been lowering feed usage,” which in turn means we consume less corn.

As we head into a new month, we’re waiting to see if a trend change is coming or not and the potential for a new trade deal with China remains in the realm of the unknown. Gulke believes something is bound to happen but we’ll have to wait and see how the Trump/China trade saga plays out. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer as they are scheduled to meet on Dec. 1.

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Jerry Gulke Weekend Market Report Nov 23 2018