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Command Your Angus Future

10:32AM Feb 16, 2015

Many have enjoyed success in the Angus business, especially in the last few years. Yet many may also feel a greater need to guide their operations and help lead others into a well-planned future that encompasses the entire beef supply chain.

That’s why the American Angus Association created Beef Leaders Institute (BLI) for its 25- to 45-year-old members eight years ago. Participants at the June 22-26 BLI will not only gain a great understanding of how to use Association resources, but also strengthen their leadership and planning skills to help ensure future success.

“This is an impactful way to bring Angus breeders together to learn about their larger role in the beef cattle industry,” says Jaclyn Upperman, Association director of events and education. “We hope they leave the conference with a better understanding of how quality genetics improve the marketplace.”

The program is designed to make that happen, bringing Angus producers together in Saint Joseph, Mo., for informative sessions, followed by a three-day tour across several industry segments. That includes more than a day in the Wooster, Ohio, area with the Certified Angus Beef brand for some hands-on learning about how the member-owned brand adds value to Angus cattle. 

Along the way, BLI participants will tour a feedlot, beef harvesting and packing facility, fabricator, retailer and other industry segments, starting with and pertaining to the American Angus Association.

Scores of Angus producers have found great value in the experience since 2008, which is funded in part by the Angus Foundation made possible with help from their generous supporters.

Dale Vitt, Fairview, Mont., who participated last year, says BLI stands out for the educational opportunity “to see other segments of the industry we don’t normally get to see.” He says one result is a fact-based assurance for customers that “the beef industry does put out a safe product, and I can be a better advocate.”

The Association provides transportation, lodging, meals and materials during BLI. Attendees will be responsible for round-trip transportation between their home and either Kansas City or Saint Joseph, Mo.

To apply, click here or contact the American Angus Association at 816-383-5100. Information can also be found on

Source: American Angus Association