Compass Minerals Expands Rocket Seeds Line to Five Products

04:16PM Dec 09, 2019
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In February 2019, Compass Minerals introduced Rocket Seeds—a lineup of seed-applied nutritional and planter box nutritional fluency products. 

The company is adding another product to the line—Moly Shine (1-5-0; 1.5% Fe, 3% Mn, 3% Mo, 10.5% Zn), a seed finisher containing micronutrients formulated for soybeans and pulse crops. 

“This is a dry product to be used by the ag retailer,” says Dr. Ryan Bartlett with Compass Minerals. “With many seed treatment packages, and more components being added to the seed treatment slurry, it can sometimes create sticky, gunky seeds. Moly Shine can be applied at the end of the seed treatment process to avoid clumping, bridging and sticking.” 

Bartlett says another benefit is the product produces a nice final aesthetic to the seed, which can help reassure customers of a quality seed treatment. 

“Moly Shine will help seeds flow well in the planter, providing good singulation and a good stand,” he says. “The added kicker is that farmers are also getting the additional nutritional components.” 

The placement of the nutritional products on the seed makes them available to the plant at the time of germination. The company says Rocket Seeds can be paired with starter fertilizer, and they do not advocate the products as a replacement to current fertility programs but rather an enhancement. 

Rocket Seeds has been in development for three years. 

“We knew there was a need for nutritional seed treatments, and now we offer five options,” Bartlett says. “From our multiple years of data, we’ve tested in multiple crops in 14 states—190 locations—and in our large scale strip trials, we have seen an average yield increase of 4% in corn, soybeans, wheat and peanuts.”

Bartlett also says the products have a 75% win rate. 

“These are odds that will sell. And it’s a level of consistency we are proud to have with our nutritional seed treatments,” he says. “The opportunity we have is that this is something different in the market, and we can help retailers differentiate themselves with this technology offering to farmers.” 

The Rocket Seeds Lineup Includes:

  • PMZ Dry: 1-10-0; 8% Zn, 2% Mn
    •     For corn, wheat and other row crops
  • PMZ Liquid: 2-16-0; 3% Mn, 11% Zn
    •     For corn, wheat and other row crops
  • Moly Dry: 1-5-0; 1.5% Fe, 3% Mn, 3% Mo, 10.5% Zn
    • For soybeans and pulse crops
  • Moly Liquid: 0-0-2; 9% Mo, .45% Co, .9% Ni (Not labeled for Nickel in all states)
    •  For soybeans and pulse crops
  • Moly Shine: 1-5-0; 1.5% Fe, 3% Mn, 3% Mo, 10.5% Zn
    • For soybeans and pulse crops

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