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Complete Coverage of June 30 Acreage, Grain Stocks Reports

12:30PM Jul 01, 2016

See all of the report data, ongoing coverage and analysis of USDA's June 30 Acreage and Grain Stocks reports.

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News and Analysis

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USDA: Corn Acreage Up 7% to 94.1 Million, Soybean Acres Up 1% to 83.7 Million

June 30 Acreage: Soybeans Planted

June 30 Acreage: Corn Planted

June 30 Acreage: Wheat Planted

June 30 Acreage: Cotton Planted

June 30 Acreage: Sorghum Planted


Grain Stocks

USDA: soybean Stocks Up 39%, Corn Up 6%, Wheat Up 30%

2016 June Grain Stocks: Grain Stocks by Position and Month

2016 June Grain Stocks: Corn Stocks

2016 June Grain Stocks: Soybean Stocks

2016 June Grain Stocks: Wheat Stocks

2016 June Grain Stocks: Sorghum Stocks


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