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Complete Coverage of November Reports

10:45AM Nov 09, 2011 will have full coverage of the Oct. 12 reports, following the 7:30 a.m. report releases.

News & Analysis 

Feed Demand for Corn Continues to Evaporate
USDA’S latest reports held few surprises, but left some analysts wondering what the nation’s livestock producers are feeding their animals.

AgWeb Radio: Midday Commentary 11-9-11
Jim Bower of Bower Trading says corn and beans have been moving back up. The big concern is the outside markets. What is happening in Europe is affecting the grain markets.

Reports Won't Provide Market Jolt
After November's USDA reports came up flat, analyst Peter Meyer says the only hope for market direction is a change in export demand.

Numerous Changes in Crop Production, Consumption Forecasts
Today’s projections should support corn and wheat prices in the upper part of the recent trading range. 

AgWeb Radio: Opening Commentary 11-9-11
Andy Shissler of Roach Ag said the report is bullish especially for corn. Beans a more even story. Not much effect on wheat. The real problem today is the situation in Europe. The stock market is down so the prices today will not totally reflect report numbers. It will be a wild and crazy day.

Crop Production Reports 

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates 

Pre-Report Analysis

As harvest nears completion, both producer reports and private forecasts for average corn and soybean yields and production are closing the gap with USDA’s October estimates. But demand estimates could show big swings when USDA releases its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) and Crop Production reports Wednesday, Nov. 9. 

Economist: Low and Slow Soybean Export Progress
Real and perceived factors have contributed to lower soybean prices since August and to the weakness since mid-October.

Knee-Jerk Action and Reactions Hold Markets Flat
MF Global bankruptcy knocks the market off balance to start the week. Conficting fundamentals never let grains regain momentum.


AgWeb Radio Commentary

AgWeb Radio: Midday Commentary 11-8-11
Tom Grisafi of Indiana Grain Company says grains are up nearly 10 cents at noon although the trade is quiet. USDA report will be issued tomorrow -- dispelling yesterday's rumors. Today and the trade tonight doesn't have much to do with tomorrows trade after the report is released.

AgWeb Radio: Opening Commentary 11-8-11
Jeff French of Top Third Ag Marketing said the grains were firm overnite. All eyes are on the USDA report Wednesday. Yesterdays harvest numbers for this lyear show Corn 85% done, and Soybeans 92% done. Expect very choppy market action.

Nate Smith of the Gulke Group said we have a weaker market across the board. A rumor has started that the crop report may be delayed until all the MF Global accounts can find a home.
Jim Bower of Bower Trading said the market is rather quiet, grains easing up ahead of the Wednesday report. Market is still very uneasy over the MF Global situation.
Greg Milkovich of Roach Ag says overnite markets started out lower bur recovered. Rumor that the Italian President would resign was denied. Market will be choppy ahead of report on Wednesday.