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07:30AM Oct 12, 2011
( ) will have full coverage of the Oct. 12 reports, following the 7:30 a.m. report releases.

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AgWeb Radio: Opening Commentary 10-12-11
Andy Shissler of Roach Ag comments on the report: Acres down about 1/2 million. Yields on corn at 148 bu/A, beans lower yield 3/10 of a bushel/A.

Doug Werling of Bower Trading says to explain today's market, remember the unusual high prices set yesterday. Yesterday was a 'buy the rumor' day. Today's report numbers are not as negative as the market prices might indicate. China is in the market as a buyer. The market will calm down and move forward.
New supply-demand estimates from USDA project slightly higher ending corn stocks but slim soybean supplies next summer.
AgWeb Radio: Closing Commentary 10-12-11
Bob Utterback of Utterback Marketing said the corn and bean numbers in the report had a little something for everybody. Bean report was the most positive. Wheat report most bearish. Looks like wheat will go down and set a double bottom. Time for feed buyers to look at meeting their needs.

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Pre-Report Analysis

Tomorrow’s reports could hold big market-moving news.
For corn, quarterly stocks estimates have not been well anticipated since June 2010.


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AgWeb Radio Commentary

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