COOL Unlikely to Make a Come-Back After All

November 23, 2016 10:18 AM

The U.S. livestock industry was up in arms late last week when it was reported that support for country-of-origin labeling (COOL) may be a point of discussion by the new administration, as part of a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

However, an article on Politico this morning states, “COOL will not be making a comeback under a Trump administration, and that's apparently thanks to Trump's Agriculture Advisory Committee.

“…They were quick to mobilize and inform Trump's transition team that such a policy - which has been litigated in both the U.S. court system and the World Trade Organization - is a non-starter for most farm groups,” the news report stated.

The news site suggested two possible sources for the misleading information. The Coalition for a Prosperous America advocates for trade policies that promote domestic manufacturing, and its advice to the Trump team supported COOL, according to Michael Stumo, the group’s CEO, who was quoted in the article. According to Politico, the other source may have been former Ohio Rep. Robert McEwen, who attended the August convention of the R-CALF USA as a surrogate for the campaign, said Bill Bullard, R-CALF's CEO.

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Kearney, NE
11/22/2016 06:41 AM

  What a misleading headline! The "livestock" sector was not "up in arms" about a potential return of COOL. That reaction comes from the "Uncle Tom" farm and livestock organizations, not from the majority of actual producers. Actual producers want COOL, as do our customers. At some point during this new administration, COOL will come back. And the livestock sector will be healthier because of it.

Mound City, SD
11/22/2016 08:24 PM

  Totally misleading article. Cool was ruled constitutional every time the meatpackers and paid mouthpieces ncba took it to court. Cool has wide support amoung food farm and consumer groups. Most importantly it has 90% approval amoung consumers. Just attended numerous producer meetings in SD and north dakota . the meetings were standing room only and people are pissed off on how congress sold us out on cool and trade. Call your senators and let them know how you feel about cool. Steer with rare form of tb from Canada found in texas slaughterhouse now numerous herds in Canada being quarintened. If we had cool this wouldn't be a issue.