Corn Earworms: A Threat for Hemp Crops

01:37PM Jul 31, 2019
Late stage caterpillar feeding on the outside of a maturing bud.
( Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, )

Have you heard the myth that hemp is pest-resistant? Not true, says Charles Wellso, the co-founder of Sanitas Peak Financial and an entrepreneur with investment experience in the hemp space. 

“I always like to say that until the picnic's out the ants won’t come, right?” he says

This crop has a tremendous amount of protein in the ground. So yes, there are pests. 

Wellso recommends looking to trusted sources, such as Farm Journal and the Department of Agriculture, for updates about pests and how to protect your hemp crop. 

“I think there's some good data being developed. And I would suggest certainly those two sources,” Wellso says.

He’s worked with a farmer who lost a substantial amount of hemp crop to earworms, and he doesn’t want other farmers to suffer the same fate.  

Watch the video here:

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