Corn Planting Progresses In 5 States

03:14PM Apr 27, 2018
Corn planting is slow-going this spring, thanks to an uncooperative Mother Nature.
( Sonja Begemann )

Corn planting is underway but progressing at a snail’s pace this spring, as farmers continue to face delays from too much moisture and overly cool temperatures. According to the USDA's weekly crop progress estimates, the five state leaders in corn planting progress today, by percentage, are:




North Carolina








In the three I states, Illinois has only 4% of corn acres planted; Indiana has 1% planted and Iowa doesn’t even make the USDA crop progress estimate.


By comparison, during this same week in 2017, Illinois had 30% of corn acres planted, Indiana had 13% and Iowa had 7%.


Overall, planting in the 18 states that comprise 92% of the corn acres is 5 percentage points complete. Last year, 15 percentage points were complete at this time, while the five-year average is 14 percentage points.


In soybeans, farmers have barely scratched the surface with planting. Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota farmers report they have planted 1% of their soybean acres this week, compared to 2%, 3% and 1%, respectively, in 2017. Numbers are higher in the mid-South and South. Arkansas reports 21% of its soybean acres are planted, along with 26% in Louisiana and 30% in Mississippi. Even so, that’s only two-thirds of the acres each state reported as completed this same time in 2017.


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