Corn Planting Nears the Halfway Mark

12:31AM May 12, 2014
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See where farmers have been able to plant and where they are still waiting via a recent Farm Journal Pulse.

Farm Journal Pulse

While some farmers are able to see bright, uniformed row of corn popping up in their fields, others have yet to drop seed in the ground.

The 2014 planting season is a case of North versus South. Farmers in the lower Corn Belt and south have enjoyed a wide planting window this spring. While progress is extremely slow in the northern part of corn country.

According to the May 7, 2014, Farm Journal Pulse, 48% of the corn crop has been planted by the 1,400 respondents. Here’s how the planting pace breaks out:

  • 0% planted: 27%
  • 1-25% planted:17%
  • 26-50% planted:12%
  • 51-75% planted:8%
  • 76-99% planted:9%
  • 100% planted:27%

See the results on an interactive map:

5 7 14 

These results compare to 57% of corn is planted as of May 15, 2013 and 66% of corn is planted as of May 2, 2012.

As of May 4, USDA estimates 29% of the U.S. corn crop is in the ground Last year only 11% of the corn crop was planted by May 4 and the five-year average is 42% by early May. You can find updated planting progress data this afternoon, after 3 p.m. CDT, on AgWeb’s Corn Planting Map.

Here are a few planting reports from AgWeb’s Crop Comments:

Cherry County, S.D.: 75% Corn planted 100% popcorn planted. Start soybeans next couple of days.

Northwest Wis.: The first corn was planted this week into cold soils. The sandy soils are being planted while the heavier soil types are nowhere near ready. Soil temps hit 50 degrees at 4 inches today.

Watonwan County, Minn.: Finished corn Tuesday evening. Got herbicide sprayed over top on corn yesterday. Is raining this morning, text book timing! Somebody turn up the heat, please!

Brown County, Kan.: Most of the corn is planted, a good portion can be rowed. Soybeans are going in at a rapid pace.

Here are a few planting reports from Twitter:

@dalepitsfarm: Soybeans planted day before Easter about to pop out of the ground.
emerged soybeans

‏@nwentworth31: 1h45m to clean out the planter and switch 16 vSets to beans. Corn #plant14 done! Bean #plant14 happening now!
plant beans

@CoryRitter: 8:00 am and Central IL has the throttles buried today! Tractors every where. #plant14 in full swing.


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