Could ARC and PLC Payments Change In An Extended Farm Bill?

06:28PM Nov 07, 2018
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Since the election is over, Congress is expected to resume work on the farm bill during the lame duck session. The fate of the farm bill is uncertain whether there will be a new bill, extension or nothing.

However, safety-net program payments within the farm bill may make a big difference for producers in 2019. If there’s no farm bill, crop insurance and safety-net payments, like ARC and PLC, may be changed.

Right now, farmers cannot collect Trump Tariff Aid payments due to a destroyed crop. The payments are just based on tariffs. Farmers have to rely on crop insurance or WHIP programs through USDA.

Betsy Jibben talks to Mike Schropp, a farmer from Crescent, Iowa; Jason Alexander, senior vice president of insurance services at Farm Credit Mid-America; Jason Williamson, crop insurance specialist at Williamson Insurance in Payne, Ohio and Jim Mintert, professor with the department of agricultural economics at Purdue University.

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