County Fair in Wisconsin Cancels Pig Wrestling Under Pressure from Activists

June 17, 2016 01:50 PM

The Stoughton County Fair in Wisconsin has canceled a pig wrestling event amid pressure from city officials and animal rights activists.

The fair board notified the city Thursday after the City Council unanimously asked it to cancel the July 1 event. The council offered $6,000 to help offset some of the money the pig wrestling event would raise for the fair, but also threatened to ban pig wrestling altogether.

An online petition against the event by the Madison-based, pro-vegan Alliance for Animals and the Environment has gathered more than 10,000 supporters.

Fair organizers issued a statement saying pig wrestling has been a signature part of the fair for seven years, with no human or animal injuries. They say the fair anticipates losing a lot more money than the $6,000 the city offered.

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Spell Check

Barbara rueben
Battlefield, MO
6/29/2016 10:26 AM

  This is very wrong. Stop being cruel to pigs

Nickelsville, VA
6/19/2016 09:51 AM

  Rick, glad to see a top priority is trying to ban an activity that true farm families have enjoyed for generations. Why now? Because suddenly we give everyone that wants to stand on a soapbox a voice. I'm sure you think banning raising animals for meat production would be ok as well. Slippery slope. When's the last time you enjoyed a good pork barbecue by the way? The answer to that might get some readers a little insight.

Rick Bogle
Madison, WI
6/18/2016 08:04 PM

  Anyone who thinks there is anything at all wrong with getting rid of pig wrestling is spitting into the wind. I recommend anyone holding such a view to take the time to read the National Pork Board's guidelines for the humane treatment of pigs. Pig wrestling is way outside those guidelines. Humane animal care and handling is being urged by every genuine authority because they recognize the economic losses if the industry refuses to adopt humane methods and continues to call those who fight against cruelty extremists and radicals. Pig wrestling isn't humane. Defending it is a losing battle. The industry would be smart to get behind the effort to ban it nation-wide.