Crop Kings Are Losing to Vegetable Growers in the Farm-Data Race

December 21, 2017 06:46 AM
organic green peppers

Corn may be king, but when it comes to adopting new data-driven farming methods, look to the bell peppers.

“Vegetable farmers are leading the way in many precision-sensing and application technologies that will change how corn, soy and other large row crops are grown,” Jason Miner and Christopher Perrella, analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in a report. Along with the veggie-heads, large farmers are starting to build their own solutions to collect farm data.

Some mega farms are “done waiting for off-the-shelf technologies that have been slow to come” and are hiring technology staff and deploying sensors in their fields, they said.

So-called precision agriculture -- using data and technology to boost efficiency and productivity -- is at the next forefront of ramping up crop production as farmers start to tap into everything from artificial intelligence and predictive data to self-driving vehicles. The methods being adopted by vegetable growers will eventually trickle down to corn, soybeans and other large crops as computing costs fall, Miner and Perrella said.

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