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Crop Production: Corn Harvest Delays in Wisconsin

17:10PM Jan 12, 2015

Harvest delays caused corn producers in Wisconsin to continue fieldwork into the month of December. On December 7, corn was 86 percent harvested in the State, making 2014 the fourth-latest corn harvest in the past 30 years, ahead of 1985, 1992, and 2009. As of December 14, corn harvested was 91 percent harvested, but fieldwork stalled as soils thawed creating muddy conditions and the humidity drove already high grain moisture even higher. Some producers will continue to put effort into harvesting the last of the standing corn and soybeans, but reports indicate that some fields will be left standing through the winter months.

In Kansas, winter wheat conditions were rated at 49 percent in the good to excellent categories at the end of December, down from 61 percent on November 23. The decrease in conditions is attributed to the lack of snow cover in the State to protect wheat from colder winter temperatures. Areas with greater snow cover reported high winter wheat ratings including Montana at 65 percent good to excellent, Colorado at 62 percent good to excellent, and Nebraska at 57 percent good to excellent.