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Crop Tour Consultant Finds Illinois Yields Vary By 115 Bu. Per Acre

15:07PM Aug 21, 2018
Indiana Corn

Corn yields varied hugely throughout Indiana and Illinois on Mark Bernard's tour route.( Eric Crowley )

As day two comes to a completion, Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour scouts are reflecting on stops throughout Indiana and Illinois. Official numbers will be released tonight but below is Eastern Tour Consultant Mark Bernard preliminary route report. As you’ll see below he found outstanding yield potential in both Indiana and Illinois, but it appears variability on his route in Illinois is significant.

Preliminary Route Report from Eastern Tour Consultant Mark Bernard

What counties have you sampled from?

IN: Boone (District 5), Montgomery (District 4), Fountain (District 4) and Warren (District 4)

IL: Vermillion (District 5), Edgar (District 7), Coles (District 7)

Corn yield range:

IN: 164 bu. per acre (Boone) to 204 per acre (Fountain)

IL: 157 bu. per acre (Vermillion) to 272 bu. per acre (Coles)

Corn yield average:

IN: 192 bu. per acre

IL: Around 200 bu. per acre

Soybean pod count range (in a 3’x3’):

IN: 684 pods (Warren) to 1,753 pods (Fountain)

IL: 1,323 pods (Vermillion) to 3,168 (Coles)

Soybean pod count average (in a 3’x3’):

IN: around 1,300 pods

IL: around 1,700 pods


Please share a few comments from your route:

“The corn crop looks like its maturing rapidly. A lot of the corn we looked at in Indiana was half milk line or beyond, which means it has about week to physiological maturity. There don’t seem to be any major disease issues, but one thing to be cognizant of in Indiana and Illinois, for that matter, is stock quality. There’s gray leaf spot in some fields, so it will cannibalize, which is something guys need to be aware of heading into harvest. Fields are wet, which makes it more apt to have problems and stock rot."

“Beans have been phenomenal. The last field we were in, a guy came out with a plant with 100 pods. It’s just massive. Beans starting to turn in Indiana. Illinois is more green – three weeks to a month left. It’s an awesome looking bean crop, any way you slice it.”