Crop Tour: Nebraska Expected to Out Yield Indiana Corn and Soybeans

08:00PM Aug 20, 2019
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In an unpredicted turn of events, Nebraska crops are expected to out-yield Indiana—by a margin of more than 10 bu. per acre on corn and nearly 300 soybean pods per 3x3 square.

Despite all challenges, Nebraska looks to be coming in at or just below average in corn and soybean yields. Indiana, on the other hand, is looking at depressed yields compared to previous Pro Farmer estimates.

Indiana corn took a hard fall to 161.46 bu. per acre and soybeans diminished to 923.94 pods per 3x3 square. This means soybeans plunged nearly 400 pods per 3x3 square when compared to last year’s Pro Farmer number and corn plummeted more than 20 bu. per acre. However, last year corn and soybeans had remarkable estimates at 182.33 and 1,311.87, respectively.

It’s clear Indiana farmers had to battle to get crops in the ground—and Mother Nature fought back just as hard. Compared to last year’s Pro Farmer estimates, Indiana corn yields sank nearly 12% and soybean pod counts tumbled nearly 30%.

“When we look at some of the factors involved down the corn side of things that drove the lower yield estimate.” says Brian Grete, Pro Farmer editor and lead for the eastern leg of the tour. “Average ear counts came in at 93.7—that’s down from 102 last year Kernel rows weren’t much above 16 and grain length was down to 6.5 inches compared to 6.7 last year.”

The soil is drier than it was last year—when it rated at 5.1—this year it’s only at 3.8.

“The immaturity of both the corn and soybean crops is the overriding story and one that we knew but looking at the data that we’ve seen through Ohio and Indiana so far, it definitely is the soybean pod counts more than the corn yields that are the surprise,” Grete continues.

Crop Tour scouts pulled 191 soybean samples and 188 corn samples, total, to reach these estimates.

  • Corn
    • District 1: 26 samples
      • Yield 163.31
    • District 2: 19 samples
      • Yield 161.13
    • District 3: 23 samples
      • Yield 170.12
    • District 4: 32 samples
      • Yield 168.84
    • District 5: 54 samples
      • Yield 156.89
    • District 6: 34 samples
      • Yield 154.71
  • Soybeans
    • District 1: 27 samples
      • Pods 1071.49
    • District 2: 19 samples
      • Pods 942.58
    • District 3: 23 samples
      • Pods 767.75
    • District 4: 32 samples
      • Pods 1,077.65
    • District 5: 55 samples
      • Pods 869.09
    • District 6: 35 samples
      • Pods 848.28

Nebraska corn yield estimates champion 172.55 bu. per acre and soybean pods per 3x3 square hit 1,210.83. Each crop is just slightly below last year’s estimates of 179.17 bu. per acre in corn and 1,299.08 pods per 3x3 square. That’s only down 3.7% from last year’s corn estimates and 3.1% from last year’s Pro Farmer soybean estimates.

“We’re actually up 2.9% from the three-year average,” says AgriTalk Host Chip Flory. “David Michaelson made a great observation this morning. It feels like last year was just a great year and this year all we’re doing is coming back to average [in Nebraska].”

Yields varied from 50 bu. per acre to 224 bu. per acre, according to western leg Crop Tour lead Jeff Wilson.

“Dry land crop is in relatively good shape,” Wilson says. “It’s gotten rains when it needed it and it got planted.”

Compared to some neighboring states, Nebraska had fewer prevent plant acres at about 800,000 acres total. All in all, soybeans are average.

“It’s a variable crop as well, but it works out to be average,” Wilson explains. “There’s not a lot of pods or a lot of blooms out there for us to gain much more than what we’re seeing today.”

Western Crop Tour scouts pulled 307 corn samples and 300 soybeans samples in the Husker state.

  • Corn
    • District 2: 5 samples
      • Yield 169.72
    • District 3: 65 samples
      • Yield 178.10
    • District 5: 19 samples
      • Yield 183.91
    • District 6: 105 samples
      •  Yield 182.66
    • District 8: 17 samples
      • Yield 149.55
    • District 9: 96 samples
      • Yield 159.71
  • Soybeans
    • District 2: 1 sample
      • Pods 1,437.80
    • District 3: 64 samples
      • Pods 1,173.22
    • District 5: 19 samples
      • Pods 1,295.29
    • District 6: 106 samples
      • Pods 1,178.27
    • District 8: 16 samples
      • Pods 1,448.99
    • District 9: 94 samples
      • Pods 1,206.98

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