Crop Tour: Nebraska Soybeans “Average” to “Below-Average”

10:00PM Aug 20, 2019
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Scouts walking soybean fields are battling more than just tangled beans. Weeds are dominating soybean fields in the Husker state.

“The weeds are gnarly,” says Emily Carolan, Pro Farm Crop Tour scout who works for Pioneer. “They’re vigorous. We need to change that weed control program.”

With towering weeds that are still releasing seeds, farmers in Nebraska will have a weed seed bank that torments them for years to come. Carolan reminds farms to use multiple modes of action with overlapping residuals to get a handle on resistant and tough-to-control weeds.

However, considering the wet spring, AgriTalk Host Chip Flory says the weed pressure isn’t as bad as what he expected. And pod counts are better than what they saw on day one of the tour but not record breaking.

“Bean pod count is coming along nice,” Flory says. “It won’t blow your socks off, but it’s good.”

Those out-of-control weeds, however, will be one of the biggest challenges to soybean yields this fall.

“This is an average to maybe a little below average bean crop,” Carolan adds.

Corn, on the other hand, looks great—it’s just immature.

“The corn is so clean this year,” Carolan says. “We saw a little disease yesterday but really there is nothing to speak of for diseases. I’m finding really good stands in these corn fields. What we’re in now could be 190 bu. per acre, but that’s top-end yield and it needs until about Thanksgiving to get there.”

At this point, scouts are measuring potential not actual yields. Mother Nature, harvest schedules and pest pressure could all provide demerits from what scouts are seeing today.

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