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Crop Tour Scout Finds Variable Maturity On His Ohio, Indiana Route

17:19PM Aug 21, 2018

Mike Berdo is an Iowa farmer who is spending this week on his sixth Pro Farmer Crop Tour. Yesterday, on his route through Ohio and northern Indiana variable maturity was the theme. 

“So we started in Dublin and went north to Hicksville and through Dekalb county in Indiana,” Berdo explained to U.S. Farm Report Host Tyne Morgan in Indianapolis on Monday night. “The one thing I did notice as we went farther west in Indiana through Ohio is that the beans did get more mature.” 

That wasn’t the case in corn. Berdo said corn maturity varied throughout the route. 

“The very first sample we took was dented and it was like hard as this concrete, but then as we went north it got less mature just on my route alone, but just a lot of variability day one for the corn crop,” he said.  

According to Berdo, there were crops in parts of northern Indiana that had a late start due to later planting than normal. 

“[There] was a lot of variability,” he said. “I think they're gonna be off a little bit.”

While it’s the middle of August, and there’s still some time to boost the corn and soybean crops, based on the crops he saw yesterday, Berdo does not expect yields to meet USDA’s yield estimates.