Crop Comments: Behind-the-Scenes of Planting

03:51AM May 28, 2013
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The recent rainfall this planting season has been great for some, but not so much for others. The National Weather Service shows that northwest Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, and all of Tennessee have experienced the heaviest rains (6-10 inches) within the past 30 days.

USDA’s May 26 Crop Progress report shows farmers throughout Wisconsin, North Dakota and Kentucky are the most behind in corn planting for this season. On the other hand, North Carolina is the only state that reported 100% completion with corn planting.

AgWeb’s Crop Comments provides a behind-the-scenes look to this planting season.

A Buffalo County, Wis., farmer said on Tuesday that the area has been consistently wet. "We are very wet here only maybe 50% corn and 0% beans planted. Some people haven’t started yet and now there is standing water all over, not good."

Contrastingly, a west-central Indiana farmer noted that he had finished planting this week. "Corn emergence looks excellent."

While there is 85% corn emergence in Indiana, only 34% of Wisconsin farmers are experiencing similar success with their corn.

Dane County, Wis., farmer shows optimism for the area, despite the heavy rain. "The planting progress this past week has been astonishing. From what I’ve seen I expect that 80% of corn and at least 50% of beans have been planted this week."

A Cuming County, Neb., farmer provided a comparison to last year. "Love the rain but harvesting a month early last year and planting a month late this year should make for an interesting fall market.". USDA’s report for Nebraska showed that 97% of corn has been planted in the state, with 75% emergence.

The rain has certainly helped and hurt across the country, but it is all in perspective. Although rain has delayed planting in some areas, a Huntington County, Ind., farmer commented that he looks forward to another shower. "Early corn and beans are up and looking good. We could use a shower of rain to help get the last of the beans up."

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