Current Soybean Rust Activity

03:31PM Apr 17, 2014
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The following information is a Web Extra from the pages of Top Producer. It corresponds with the article "Soybean Rust Outlook." You can find the article in Farm Journal's Late Spring 2014 issue.

United States Soybean Rust Commentary (updated: 02/19/14)

It appears the relatively cold winter temperatures have killed-back all the historically-positive soybean rust(SBR)infected kudzu sites in Alabama this year.

On January 17th, SBR was reported from soybeans Hidalgo county, TX, which were subsequently harvested. Both this site and the kudzu site in South Bend are expected to be gone prior to the March planting in south Texas.

SBR was detected in one county in Mississippi on volunteer soybeans but the site was likely killed back by freezing temperatures experienced during the first week of January.

In 2013 SBR was detected in 408 counties in 13 states in the U.S. including 107 counties in GA, 82 counties in MS, 67 counties in AL, 59 parishes in LA, 22 counties in FL, 20 counties in AR, 13 counties in SC, 10 counties in NC, nine counties in TN, eight counties in VA, four counties in IL, three counties in KY and two counties in TX.

SBR was also reported in two municipalities in Puerto Rico and in three states in Mexico, either on jicama or soybean.

See the current soybean rust map.