Custom Chopper Created for Dekalb on American Choppers

11:14AM Aug 29, 2011
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In honor of Dekalb’s 100th anniversary, Paul Jr. Designs is creating a custom chopper for the company. The bike will tour for one year and then be auctioned off, all proceeds benefiting the Red Cross.
The TV show American Choppers will film the bike’s revealing which will happen this week. "During the show you won’t only get a really cool theme bike, but you’ll also see who Dekalb is over the course of 100 years," he says.
Paul Jr. says that this project was fun because they were able to be extremely innovative. He says they wanted to focus on farmers and the fact that Dekalb has been providing corn seed for a century.
"I have a lot of respect for farmers," he says. "Where we live in Montgomery we have a lot of farmland, a lot of orchards and a lot of corn fields. I grew up around farmers and I have a lot of respect for farmers and how hard they have to work to feed the world."
When designing the bike, Paul Jr. Designs wanted to be sure farmers would like it. "We wanted to take farmers into consideration, the people who have kept Dekalb in business for 100 years," he says. He couldn’t describe the color scheme and design of the bike until it is revealed this week, but he did say  that the bike runs on ethanol. "We are running the bike on pure ethanol which we thought was fitting," he says. "This bike just really likes to go. For some reason these v-twin engines really like to run on ethanol."
Jr Bike
Paul Jr. with another custom bike.
Paul Jr.’s favorite part of building the bike was the design. He says that when they put the bike back together, they saw the paint come to life. "The fabrication was fun, but putting the bike together and seeing the design was the best," he says.
The bike will take a yearlong tour of farm country before being auctioned off next year.