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Dairy Analyzer, LLC Releases MARGINSMART Version 3.0

14:11PM May 12, 2014

Effective today, Dairy Analyzer, LLC announces the release of Version 3.0 of MARGINSMART. Version 3.0 expands MARGINSMART Version 2.0 by adding significant upgrades and features to further enhance MARGINSMART as the industry leader in providing dairy producers financial projection tools to make informed financial decisions.

One major enhancement of Version 3.0 includes the ability to create a duplicate scenario farm to very efficiently create an unlimited number of "what-if" scenarios so that users can immediately see the projected impact of each of those scenarios on their farm’s overall milk margins, cost of production, cash flow and/or profitability. Whether it be one or more ration changes, ingredient substitution or cost changes, decisions on custom raising youngstock, reviewing milk or feed contract opportunities, changes in operating expenses or "grow or buy" forage decisions Version 3.0 provides powerful tools to calculate and show the projected future results over the next 12-24 months with current market prices. Version 3.0 also allows users to then toggle back and forth between their real farm and scenario farm to see the difference and make truly informed financial decisions.

One of the great aspects of the original MARGINSMART program has always been its ability to project feed costs in a combination of the following two ways: 1) if an ingredient has a high price correlation to corn, soybeans or soybean meal those ingredient prices are updated continually based on the appropriate correlation percentage and changes in the Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT) market prices, and further adjusted by basis to get to each farm’s exact market prices, and 2) for ingredients such as forages, certain commodity protein sources and minerals or additives that do not have a high price correlation to corn or soybean meal (which most feed ingredients do not) MARGINSMART uses the specific market prices of those ingredients to project feed costs. A second enhancement to Version 3.0 includes the ability to now change the projected cost of all the feed ingredients under option number 2 above on a monthly basis. This allows increased flexibility for the feed cost determination which ultimately results in even more accurate projections. For example, MARGINSMART can now use different costs for forages from different crop years, it can incorporate different costs for projected changes in commodity protein levels, and it can also still allow certain individual ingredients to be priced at the same cost throughout the projection period.

Founded in 2012, MARGINSMART is privately owned and is committed to providing financial tools to dairy producers to allow them to make management decisions that positively impact profitability. We provide complete customer service to input all information for our customers into our web-based MARGINSMART tool and set regular review meetings via webinars. Customers can also choose to manage their financial decisions by either directly accessing MARGINSMART via the internet or by utilizing MARGINSMART’s text and targets features directly from their phone. For more information on MARGINSMART visit or contact them at 877-474-7589.

Source: Dairy Analyzer, LLC