Dairy Checkoff/Domino’s Partnership Sells More Cheese

09:44AM May 30, 2014
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An analysis by Texas A&M economists show that the partnership between the dairy checkoff program and Domino’s Pizza sold a bunch more pizza.

For every $1 spent by Dairy Management, Inc., almost six more pizzas were sold in the quick-serve restaurant category, estimates Oral Capps, an economist with Texas A & M.

DMI food researchers worked with Domino’s to develop new pizza choices that incorporated more cheese on the pies. Domino’s introduced a half-dozen new pizzas as a result, re-invigorating the entire quick-serve pizza category. 

Based on the amount of cheese on each of those pizzas, Capps estimates that an additional one billion lb. of milk were sold. That equates to $177 million that was added to the monthly to the farm price of milk, says Capps.

You can read more of the Texas A&M analysis here in the most recent dairy checkoff Report to Congress.