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Derek Jeter Corn Maze Opens on New Jersey Farm

15:22PM Sep 24, 2014

jeter_corn_maze( Courtesy VonThun's Country Farm )

Fans are flocking to a New Jersey farm that has opened a 5-acre corn maze carved in honor of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

The VonThun Farm in South Brunswick opened its Jeter corn maze Saturday. The farm is about 55 miles south of Yankee Stadium, where Jeter is playing in his final regular-season home stand.

"Thanks Captain Clutch" is carved into the maze, along with a baseball with Jeter's No. 2 on it. Cindy VonThun, whose husband's family owns the farm, says the maze will be open through Oct. 31.

VonThun says the original idea was to do a design this year with a tractor carrying pumpkins. But The Maize Company in Utah, which is contracted by the farm to build its annual maze, came up with the idea to honor Jeter.

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