Dicamba Training Moves Online to Promote Social Distancing

11:54AM Apr 06, 2020
Spraying beans
spraying soybeans
( Lindsey Benne )

To help support social distancing requirements, Bayer, BASF and certain state dicamba training programs have moved online. This allows applicators to still receive label-required annual dicamba training from their homes.

These online training provide the same certification for the over-the-top use of dicamba in soybeans. Online computer training is available 24/7. If you’re interested in live webinar training, contact your state agency or university for training opportunities. In addition, not all states support online pesticide renewal, so do your research.

“These are clearly unique times,” said Alex Zenteno, dicamba product manager at Bayer, in a recent press release. “For those who are spending more time at home, this is a great time to be productive and get this training under their belts.”

Bayer’s site for online training can be found here. BASF’s online training can be found here. Syngenta's online training can be accessed here. Corteva's is here.

Last year, around 75,000 applicators were trained for dicamba-specific herbicides. Dicamba is a restricted-use product that requires more training and certification than some other herbicides.

Dicamba is approved with its current, conditional, label through Dec. 20, 2020. Later this year EPA will decide if and how long it will reregister the product. Some states have additional requirements on top of the federal label, work with local agronomist and application trainers to know what applies to you.

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