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Dig For Seed Depth Answers

04:41AM Apr 21, 2012

There can be many causes for seed depth uniformity issues, but only one way to find the problem. Dig down for answers with Missy Bauer in episode 4 of Corn College TV season 2.

“In the field, dig up the plants and look at center of plant and find the old seed. It will have seed roots attached to it and the mesocotyl. Break it at the base of the crown, and measure the length of the mesocotyl and then add ¾” to it,” Bauer says.
That will give you the planting depth for that plant. Then measure the planting depth and compare many neighboring plants.
As you see the variation in the length of mesocotyl, that will help you understand how planting depth wasn’t uniform.
“When uniformity isn’t even from plant to plant, it could be a planting depth problem or a down pressure setting problem. Various things could cause this problem, so check your equipment and monitor settings,” she says.
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