Diminish Disagreements

10:48AM May 06, 2014
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Diminish C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T.

This article is part of the Bonus Content from the Dairy Today May 2014 article "Farm Journal Legacy Project: Combat Conflict."

Conflict will occur on your dairy. Identify the root of the problem and address it quickly, says Amy Shoemaker, director of people growth strategies with Kennedy and Coe, LLC. She offers this acronym to help you remember key points in solving conflict.

D14100 A  Conflict

As the manager of your dairy, strive to resolve conflict quickly.

Concerned: Be respectful and empathetic to others.

Options: Consider all solutions before choosing one.

Now: Deal timely with issues.

Follow-up: People slip back into old habits without follow-up.

Listen: Hear both sides of the situation.

Inquire: Clarify what others say to avoid misunderstanding.

Contract: Agree on solution and action steps.

Together: Collaboration and mutual respect is the best approach.