Dining Out: Busting Common Pork Myths

03:52PM Nov 14, 2019
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( National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff )

In its Insight into Action newsletter the Pork Checkoff compiled common myths that they hear from restaurant operators about pork and why they don’t utilize it as much as they could. As you know, pork is a healthful and flavorful option that’s an asset to any menu. Use these myth-busting statements to reinforce why more people should put pork on their plates.




Myth 1: There’s no consumer demand. Twenty nine percent of restaurant operators say there’s no demand for pork.

Myth busted: Flavor abounds. Restaurant goers look for flavor. Meanwhile 68% of operators believe pork is flavorful.

Myth 2: Customers wouldn’t miss it. Forty three percent of restaurant operators say customers wouldn’t notice pork’s absence on their menus.

Myth busted: There’s interest. About 74% of consumers said pork products would make a menu more interesting.

Myth 3: Pork is unhealthy. While 75% of restaurant operators see pork as healthy, many say their customers do not.

Myth busted: Lean cuts. Eight cuts are “lean” based on USDA guidelines. Tenderloin and skinless chicken breast have the same amount of fat.

Myth 4: It’s not sustainable. Restaurant operators may think pork is not as sustainable as other types of protein.

Myth busted: Shrinking footprint. In the last 50 years, land use was reduced by 76%, energy by 7%, water by 76% and carbon emissions by 8%.