Disaster Co. Farmers Work To “Get Cover Crops Planted” For MFP Aid

08:19AM Jul 19, 2019
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Besides heat, many producers are still dealing with water woes lingering from the flooding earlier this year.

There’s still some standing water in Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa. Those are areas hit hard by multiple rounds of flooding. Farmers say it’s still a struggle with fields not underwater as well.

“The trouble we have on some of these areas is the ground is dry but the roads are impassable,” said Jeff Jorgenson, a farmer from Sidney, Iowa. “The road beds were washed out. We have to wait for the county to get some work done where we can access some of these roads for farmers.”

Jorgenson says roughly 30 percent of the farm ground in the county is getting worked on with farmers disking. He says the weed pressure is high since the ground was too soggy to maintain.

“We have some weeds five feet tall,” said Jorgenson. “As the ground dried out, it was still saturated that we couldn’t really do anything with it.” He says farmers are still trying to plant a cover crop on prevent plant acres in order to receive a payment from the Market Facilitation Program (MFP).

It’s a payment amount USDA still has yet to release. This farmer says any amount of rain to his area could change planting progress with cover crops. Jorgenson telling AgDay he’s still days away from planting a cover crop, that is, if it doesn’t rain.

“We are trying to get busy as quick as we can to get cover crops planted,” said Jorgenson. “That’s probably the biggest issue we have right now is trying to manage what we have out there. It’s not easy.”

Jorgenson says farmers are strapped for cash this year, especially in those disaster areas and hopes the unknown MFP payment amounts will be a big help.

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