Don't Miss These Hot Discussions

07:15AM Sep 30, 2014
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It can be hard to stay current on all of the latest farm chatter. But there’s a place on the Internet where you can quickly catch up—the AgWeb discussion forums. Sometimes eclectic, mostly energetic and always 
interesting, the forums are bubbling with fresh farmer-to-farmer insights each and every day. 

Here are five recent examples of the types of conversations you don’t want to miss. 

Farm Chatter That Matters

1. Harvest videos shot with drones. From tulips in Holland to amber waves of grain in Kansas, drones help us get a unique bird’s-eye perspective on a favorite fall activity.

2. Beans after beans—how long, what problems? Asking agronomic questions is a good way to get involved in the forums. For example, learn more about the pros and cons of growing continuous soybeans. Find out how to beat the latest pest infestation, learn about a new fertility strategy and much more in the crop production discussion group.


3. Run the old combine or upgrade? Ask or answer tractor-related questions in the machinery discussion group. It’s full of useful tips and tricks that will keep your machinery running more smoothly all year long.

4. Practical uses for drones. Sometimes impromptu brainstorm sessions break out, especially when it comes to emerging technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile apps. See what’s up-and-coming in the technology discussion group.

5. Marketing 2014.  The title is innocent enough, but make no mistake—this ongoing discussion thread is a beast, tallying more than 2,000 responses and 290,000 pageviews since it began in January 2014. This is truly one of the few “can’t miss” online discussions in the agriculture industry. With daily updates, there’s always a new reason to come back and see the latest.

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