Don’t Let Your Planter Let You Down in the Field

10:25AM Apr 19, 2011
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A broken-down planter is the last thing farmers want on their hands this planting season. Missy Bauer, Farm Journal Associate Field Agronomist, shows you how to prevent three common planter problems.

Try The Rock Test On Parallel Arms

Wear-and-tear on planter parallel arms can impact your corn planting efforts this spring. Bauer addresses this common issue, how it occurs, and what you can do to prevent it from causing problems for you in the field.



Test Your Point of Contact on Double Disk Openers

Gather up any business cards you’ve received from company sales representatives over the years to help you implement this handy planter prep tip.
This simple practice will help you establish a true V in that all-important seed trench that your corn needs to be planted in this spring for optimum seed-to-soil contact.

Set Planter Gauge Wheels before You Reach The Field

If the planter gauge wheels on your unit are loose, you may well have dry soil flowing through the wheels and into the seed trench at the same time as your highly valuable seed corn.
In the following video, Bauer provides a good visual example of what you want to look for and eliminate, as well as how to set gauge wheels properly.


More Planting Tips

Dan Anderson, “In the Shop” blogger and Farm Journal columnist, has taken part in nearly 40 planting season as a farmer or equipment dealership mechanic.
He advises that you shouldn’t let the excitement of getting in the field for the first time each spring provoke planting mistakes that jeopardize yields from the get-go.
Here are Dan’s top 10 tips: