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Editor's Notebook (2008 Bonus)

13:39PM Jul 14, 2008

It's fitting that I'm writing this letter from the field, while helping plant our Farm Journal Test Plots. The plots are a wonderful way to spend more time with machinery.

Getting excited about iron is easy  for all of us. Your feedback from our first-ever Machinery Guide made that obvious. Reader surveys paired with your calls and e-mails told us loud and clear: Give us more machinery.

We hear you! We immediately started  to run more equipment stories, revved up machinery coverage across all of the Farm Journal Media platforms—and decided to publish this Bonus Machinery Guide.

You can find the content from this guide at While you're there, check out our two farm machinery blogs—the one Machinery Doc recently started and the one I write. Don't get offline without checking out the new equipment destination, AgWeb Machinery at You'll find machinery discussion boards, equipment locators, profi tractor tests and tons of information about everything with an engine and wheels. Last but not least, watch Machinery Minute and Tractor Tale segments featured on "AgDay" and "U.S. Farm Report."

Keep your comments coming.