EPA Withdraws Registration for Enlist Duo Herbicide

20:00PM Nov 25, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency recently withdrew registration for Dow AgroScience’s Enlist Duo Herbicide after granting its registration earlier this year. 

EPA sought vacatur of registration because it received new information regarding potential synergistic effects between the two ingredients (glyphosate and 2,4-D) on non-target plants, according to the petition. EPA will use this vacatur of the registration to perform a full analysis of new information about the synergistic effects.

“The synergism of the products could affect the Agency’s assessment of drift reduction measures for avoiding impacts to non-target organisms,” according to the petition. The concern is not how the chemicals perform alone, but how they act together, and whether EPA fully understands the impact on off-target organisms.

The Center for Food Safety and the Natural Resources Defense Council argue, “the 30-foot buffer on the then-approved label may not be adequate to protect non-target plant species located outside the treated fields. EPA requires additional time in which to fully assess the new information.”

“Dow AgroSciences is confident in the extensive data supporting Enlist Duo herbicide," a statement from Dow explains. "We are working with EPA to quickly provide further assurances that our product’s conditions of registered use will continue to protect the environment, including threatened and endangered plant species. Recognizing the pressing needs of U.S. farmers for access to Enlist Duo to counter the rapidly increasing spread of resistant weeds – and in light of the comprehensive nature of the regulatory assessments already conducted to support the Enlist Duo registration – we expect that these new evaluations will result in a prompt resolution of all outstanding issues.”