Every Penny Counts

06:59AM Sep 30, 2014
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By Margie Alsbrook

AmazonSmile makes it easy to help fight hunger

Sometimes doing something charitable really is just that easy. The AmazonSmile Foundation recently launched a program making it possible for farmers to automatically contribute to a good cause, such as Farmers Feeding the World, while shopping online. 

“The donation is relatively small, but we have seen it adds up fast,” says Tricia Beal, CEO of the Farm Journal Foundation and its hunger fighting platform, Farmers Feeding the World. Even with only a few people participating, Farmers Feeding the World has already made more than $100 in the first quarter of the program, she adds.

It works like this: Someone designates the Farm Journal Foundation as their chosen charitable recipient on Amazon. When the person makes a purchase, Amazon sets aside 0.5% of that purchase for the Foundation. The overall price of the purchase does not go up, but at the end of the quarter Amazon sends all of the set aside funds to the Foundation.

Farmers are known for finding new ways to put technology to use to help feed the growing population, and Beal is excited about the possibilities of the AmazonSmile program: “The sign-up process is easy. If we could get even 50 farmers and ranchers to sign up, it would really add up fast and be a huge boost to our mission of feeding the hungry and educating the public.” 

How to Sign Up For AmazonSmile

1. Log in to your Amazon.com account.
2. Go to http://www.smile.amazon.com on your computer or mobile device.
3. Search for “Farm Journal Foundation” in the box that says “Pick your own charitable organization.”
4. Select the “Farm Journal Agricultural Foundation.” 
5. Your registration is now complete, and you can begin shopping. The donations will happen automatically.
6. To ensure sign-up was successful, look for the Foundation’s name at the top of the Amazon.com screen near the AmazonSmile logo.
7. You may need to refresh your selection in the future if you log out of your Amazon account.

For more information about contributing to Farmers Feeding the World through AmazonSmile, visit http://www.FarmersFeedingtheWorld.org