Excitement in the Air at Iowa Pork Congress Despite Tough 2019

11:35AM Jan 27, 2020
IPC Slide Show
( Farm Journal's PORK )

2019 was a tough year for pork producers, but Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) leaders say they were encouraged by the general outlook of producers at the 2020 Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines.

“It’s encouraging to see producers are reasonably optimistic about the outlook for 2020,” says Drew Mogler, IPPA public policy director. “Our educational seminars really addressed producers’ interests in foreign animal disease preparation and prevention, as well as understanding the potential to grow our export markets.”

The trade show was also a big success and drew a great crowd on Wednesday.

“The Iowa Pork Congress sets the standard in my opinion as far as state trade shows go,” says Ben Schmaling, a pig farmer from Prescott, Iowa, and account manager for Phibro Animal Health. “There definitely seemed to be excitement in the air at Hy-Vee Hall.”

Winter trade shows are a great time to check out new technologies and new opportunities.

“Overall the mood of trade show goers was optimistic around the administration’s work on markets and trade. They’re just waiting to reap the benefits,” says Schmaling, who currently serves as the president of the Iowa Purebred Swine Council and a member of the adult board of directors for Team Purebred. “Aside from spending time with producers and customers at our booth, I enjoyed visiting with other exhibitors to see their excitement around how they will positively impact the industry in 2020.”

Check out this slide show to see some of the scenes from Iowa Pork Congress 2020. 

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