Exclusive: Helm To Introduce First New PPO Herbicide In A Decade

07:15AM Jul 15, 2020
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Helm Agro is working to launch Reviton, a PPO Group 14 herbicide with a novel active ingredient, which is currently under regulatory review with the EPA. A non-selective herbicide for the preplant burndown and desiccation segments, Reviton will be one of the first new PPO herbicide to be introduced in the U.S. in more than a decade.

This product brings new burndown/pre-emerge options to farmers as well as a launch pad for Helm to -introduce a robust pipeline of products specifically targeting the challenges faced by U.S. farmers. 

“Bringing new products to market like Reviton is a continuation of Helm’s commitment to agriculture,” says Dave Schumacher, President of Helm Agro US. “This new product allows us to bring a new innovation to farmers that they haven’t had before with new weed control options.”

The U.S. launch of Reviton is anticipated later this year following federal and state registrations with the company targeting Reviton for use in corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat. 

Reviton contains a new novel active ingredient, Tergeo, which is the result of a joint development partnership with Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK), a Japanese agrochemical company. The burndown/pre-emerge product has been part of more than 700 North American product development trials and regulatory studies, and 2020 is the third year Helm has been developing the product in conjunction with ISK for the U.S. market. 

What Makes Reviton Different

Helm technical leaders say Reviton is a major development in crop protection because: 

  • It’s the first broad spectrum burndown introduced in more than 10 years
  • It has enhanced crop safety—above the industry standard for burndown products
  • The product has an ultra-low use rate (2 oz/acre when applied by itself or 1 oz/acre with 32 oz/acre of glyphosate)
  • Application shows effectiveness within 24 hours and while providing greater flexibility in plant-back options across a wide variety of crops. 

“Reviton features Tergeo, a completely new actively ingredient,” explains Adam Hensley, head of marketing for Helm. “To have a new chemistry that helps fight weeds and fight resistance is a huge value for those farmers wanting new technology to establish a clean foundation to their fields ahead of planting.”

Hensley continues by saying that the new herbicide also supports retailers in their ability to deliver greater value to their farmer customers. It provides control of more than 50 broadleaf and grass weeds including ALS, triazine and glyphosate-resistant species. (see list of primary weeds controlled below)

“We see this product shine as a resistance management tools for no-till or minimum till situations,” says Hensley. He adds the product provides for flexibility with application of Enlist or dicamba products in-season when Reviton is used for the burndown. 

James Whitehead is Helm’s lead agronomist overseeing the product development tests, and he says early in the process they saw the promise of the product. 

“Reviton is a highly active herbicide that burns the weeds down very quickly,” Whitehead says. ““The performance of the product in field trials has been impressive. Once farmers and retailers see the product in action, they will be excited about what Reviton brings to forefront for improved weed control.” 

While application rates for most herbicides have been measured in pints or quarts in the past, Reviton used alone is applied at 2 oz/acre, or when tank mixed with glyphosate, Reviton’s rate is 1 oz/acre plus 32 oz/acre of glyphosate. 

Pending EPA approval, Helm anticipates Reviton will provide for lighter restrictions and handling requirements than other burndowns and being able to use the signal word “caution.” 

Product development continues in 2020 with field trials from Minnesota to Louisiana and Pennsylvania to California. The HELM team is looking to add weed species to its controlled list, as well as best recommendations for time of day spraying, spray tips, spray volumes and adjuvant use. 

“Discover” Helm

Reviton is the first of three herbicides Helm will be introducing with its partnership with ISK.

“This is the first of many announcements as we share our strategy to bring innovations to the market,” Schumacher says. “Helm is a global company committed to ag and helping farmers produce great crops with fertility and crop protection products. Helm has committed to bring innovative solutions to producers using our global scale and identifying partners globally.”

Helm’s U.S. leaders say Reviton is just the first of many products that will reveal Helm’s product pipeline, which is distinctly different than its past offerings. They are launching an initiative for the industry to “Discover” the new Helm.   

“We are looking to position ourselves differently with farmers and retailers” says Hensley. “When you look at our market share with paraquat and glyphosate, we see that many people don’t realize they were applying a Helm product. We want to demonstrate our focus on being grower friendly and addressing the key needs growers have.” 

To gain more insight about Helm’s new Reviton herbicide, the Company invites growers and retailers to go to www.discoverhelm.com, call 813-621-8846 or contact their local Helm sales representative.

Helm anticipates that Reviton will control and/or suppress more than 50 broadleaf and grass weeds including:Amaranth (palmer)
Downy brome
Evening primrose
Field bindweed
Giant foxtail
Green foxtail
Hairy fleabane 
Little barley
Mayweed chamomile
Morningglory species 
Nightshade species
Prickly lettuce
Prickly sida
Prostrate knotweed
Ragweed species
Redroot pigweed
Shepherd’s purse
Volunteer canola
Volunteer corn
Volunteer wheat
Wild buckwheat
Wild oats