Farm Journal - December 2018

11:06AM Dec 21, 2018
Farm Journal December 2018
Farm Journal December 2018
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Rhonda Brooks: Consider a Gift of Grain

Keep Your Snow Shovel Handy
Much of the country expects a mild winter, but that won’t necessarily be the case

Wrap Up The Year With A Strong Finish
Count down 2018 with top tips from our Farm Journal experts 

After-Harvest Questions
Start planning for a profitable 2019

John Phipps: Practical Presents are Worth the Risk

Farm Journal Podcasts

Cultivating the Importance of Ag
Farm Journal Foundation programs advocate for modern agriculture to feed the world

Round Two of Tariff Aid Payments Available Soon
USDA recommends you sign up by January

Ag Retail Scrambles for Online Sales
13% of farmers will use e-commerce in 2019

Harvest Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

Cull Cow Strategies
Hold up: Now is historically not the best time of year to sell

John Dillard: Who Will Regulate Lab-Grown Meat?

EPA Renews Dicamba Registration
The label for over-the-top application of dicamba in soybeans and cotton has been extended through December 2020.

A Labor of Love for Minnesota Man

$100 Ideas

Machinery Journal

Back Pain Causes and Consequences
Recent study examines effects of ‘whole-body vibration’ during long-term exposure

Tariffs Shape Cropping Decisions
More farmers are considering corn-after-corn or continuous soybeans

Evaluate Your Liability Coverage
Crop insurance might not be sufficient

Legacy Project: A Map to Effective Leadership

Plant 2019: Time It Right, Keep ‘Em Fed
12 steps to weatherproof corn for the critical yield-setting period following emergence

Trade Issues to Track
U.S. brand in global market is diminishing

Mountains of Grain Signal Storage is Full

What Might Happen If Farmers Were Paid to No-Till?
Guaranteed extra income could push conventional growers to make the switch

Farmers Weigh-In On Elections
Outcome is likely to affect President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign

9 Market Analysts Share Advice

Tailgate Talk

So Long, Pink Bollworm
Coordinated work between growers and industry finally snuff out fearsome cotton pest

Expect A Big Cotton Crop For 2019
Economists urge farmers to lock-in prices now for a portion of their production

A Bowl of Cottonseed, Anyone?
Research opens the door to high-protein food, feed and fiber from a single plant

Close the Conservation Gap
You might need to jump-start the discussion with non-operator landowners

Top Producer Summit
Focus, Learn and Network

Steve Cubbage: Are You Ready for the Blockchain Bandwagon?

Checklist for Farm Loan Success

Peter Martin: Gear Up for Alternative Lending

Farmland Values Remain Resilient
Looking ahead, market weaknesses could cause prices to soften in 2019

Gene Editing Finds its Way to the Farm
Products resulting from the new technology are expected to reach grocery store shelves next year

Beagle Brigade Protection
Agriculture’s not-so-secret canine weapons

More Corn Rootworm Trait Failure
The pest beats yet another control measure and causes crop damage and yield loss

Crop Tech

Battling the Muddy Missouri and Army Corps of Engineers
Rainfall, snowpack and water management dictate farmer success

Ag Barometer Shows Some Optimism

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