Farm Journal Series: Soil Health

02:56PM Dec 04, 2018
Farm Journal Soil Health
Farm Journal Soil Health Series
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What Makes Healthy Soil?

Take the first step toward more stress- and drought-resistant soils by adopting the Systems Approach to soil management


Give Your Soil a Physical Exam

New tools and tests provide benchmarks to measure progress as you improve the health of your soil


On the Mend

Steps to determine what ails your soil and nurse it back to good health


Soil, Air and Water Unite

The ideal ratio helps plants and beneficial soil microbes thrive, for higher, more consistent yields


Your Living Soil

Manage soil microorganisms to pave the way to healthier soil and higher yields


A Tale of Two Soils

On-farm tests help restore healthy soil characteristics


Cover Crops Poised for Takeoff

Although they complicate management, cover crops can increase diversity and improve soil health in various ways


Give Soil A Physical

Simple tools can measure soil health in the field


A Deeper Understanding

New laboratory testing procedures lay the groundwork for improving soil health


Manage Covers Like Cash Crops

Start planning now to lay the foundation for cover crop success


Help Your Soil Supply More Water

You can have healthier soil that holds more water by following a three-step approach


Boost Nutrient-Supplying Power

Microorganisms allow soil to store and release more nutrients, reducing fertilizer expense


Simple Steps to Improve Your Soil

Shoot the slow rabbits first with vertical tillage and lime applications


What Soil Health Tests Really Tell You

Despite challenges with consistency and repeatability, soil health testing is worthwhile


Don't Let Herbicides Burn Your Cover

Timely tips to help you succeed with cover crops


Don't Let Covers Ding a Cash Crop

Manage the carbon penalty, allelopathy and disease to improve soil health and yield


Study Documents Benefits of Covers

Three mixtures boost soil health by increasing water infiltration and available nutrients


Nurture Sick Soil Back to Health

After five years, degraded soil shows signs of improvement


Real-World Soil Health Builders

How four farmers found the right cover crop to fix their soil’s problems


It Doesn't Take Much to Ruin No-Till

Study finds a single horizontal tillage pass significantly reduced water infiltration


Cover Crops Produce Results

Measurable improvements in soil health are showing up in side-by-side trials


Restoring Soil Health Takes Time

After rapid gains from vertical tillage, pH and fertility, the improvement pace slows down


You Can Build Organic Matter

But how much appears to depend on soil type, weather and management practices