Farm Journal Series: Systems For Success

02:28PM Nov 08, 2019
Farm Journal Series: Systems for Success
Farm Journal Series: Systems for Success
( Lindsey Benne & Darrell Smith )

Thanks to technology, the days of choosing one farming system for your entire operation are over. Multiple systems are required to overcome weaknesses in each field, take advantage of each field’s strengths, and be as economically and environmentally efficient as possible. But how does a farmer gear up to no-till, strip-till, vertical-till or conventionally till as soil and weather conditions and timely field operations demand? What adjustments might be required from season to season? In this series, Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie will explain how to cater farming systems for success field by field.

A System For Every Soil
Varying production methods, as well as inputs, complete your transition into precision farming

Make Every Machine Earn Its Keep
Evaluate your fleet to implement multiple production systems and capitilize on fieldwork windows

Overcome Each Field's Weakness
Multiple production systems provide options for tough years such as 2019

5 Tips for Systems Success
Managing multiple production systems is the last step to precision farming

Fit the System to the Field
The ability to switch between vertical tillage and no-till or strip-till can boost yield and help cope with weather