Farm Journal Series: Variable Input Technology

11:56AM Nov 07, 2018
Farm Journal Series: Variable Input Technology
Farm Journal Series: Variable Input Technology
( Darrell Smith & Lindsey Benne )

Tools are available to vary the rate of every input for every soil type in a field. Ready yourself for variable-input technology by following along with this series.

Boost Profit Foot by Foot
Variable-input technology allows farmers to maximize profit on even the tiniest management zones

Match Hybrids to Water Supply
8 ways to maximize the potential of your management zones

Feed Crops Day by Day

While varying inputs isn’t easy, understanding your crops’ daily needs makes it manageable.


What Your Soil Test Really Means

It’s an indicator of nutrient availability


Understanding Ear Flex

Every hybrid has its own way of responding to environmental conditions


Harness More Solar Power

Plant multiple hybrids, based on leaf structure and soil type, to capture more energy


Solid Data Drives Input Decisions

The ideal hybrid at the right population, fortified by precise fertility, on every acre


A New Era of Crop Production

As we conclude our series on VIT—the best hybrid at the right population on every acre—here’s a review of the 10 key steps, which will lead to higher yields and more efficient use of inputs.