Farm Journal Series: Weatherproofing Your Crops

11:00AM Nov 07, 2018
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Especially with today's weather, farmers can no longer rely on preventive treatments or reacting after a weather disaster is upon them. This series will explain how to react during dry, wet and average weather, for both corn and soybeans.

Water When You Need It
Weatherproof water management with technology to prevent thirsty or drowned crops

4 Ways to Weatherproof Your Fertility Program
Here’s how to protect your crop from excessive rainfall, drought and cold temperatures

5 Ways to Optimize Sunlight
Plants should intercept 97% of available sunlight to maximize photosynthesis—and yield

12 Steps to a Perfect Stand
Pay attention to detail in all soil conditions to achieve fast, uniform emergence

Plant 2019: Time It Right, Keep ‘Em Fed
12 steps to weatherproof corn for the critical yield-setting period following emergence

Weatherproofing for Critical Stages

Protect yield potential from emergence to tasseling


Weatherproof for the Homestretch

From knee-high past pollination, scouting takes center stage

12 Steps to a Weatherproof Harvest
Here’s how to overcome whatever curves Mother Nature throws your way