Farmer Roundup: What agronomic change are you considering for 2020?

02:00PM Nov 26, 2019
Farmer Roundup - November 2019
Farmer Roundup - November 2019
( Farm Journal )

Based on 2019, what agronomic change are you considering for next year?

Allen Hoffma
Gardner, Ill.

“I strip-till everything. Since I did prevent plant, those strips are still there. For next year, I’m going to put in ammonium sulfate to get some ammonia and sulfur in the strip. Then, I’m going to add a little bit of potash to it to use the strips already in place.”

Brandon Mathistad
Tekamah, Neb.

“Next year the challenge is going to be our crop rotation. It is all out of whack because we had so many intended corn acres that ended up going to bean acres. It kind of got us off our rotation a little bit. If we can figure out what we’re going to plant and where we’re going to plant it, that’ll be our hardest decision to make.”

John Tyson
Blair, Neb.

“We’re definitely not going to go spend any money until we have to. We’re not going to put down any fertilizer in the fall. For chemicals, we’ll just have to see where we’re at. It’s kind of one of those things where we’re leery to get out there and do anything early. On that river ground, I’m leery of working it, getting it loose and then having that river come in viciously like it did. That’s when we start to get all kinds of erosion.”