Farmer Roundup: What’s your biggest challenge?

02:39PM Dec 12, 2019
Farmer Roundup December 2019
What’s your biggest challenge?
( Farm Journal )

What’s your biggest challenge?

Dave Schrock
Marshall County, Ind.
“Labor for us is the biggest problem, and it’s partly due to where we live. We live in a highly industrial area. The RV business is huge here. It’s what fuels our local economy. Workers can make a really good living and be home at 2 p.m. in the afternoon.”

Jeremy Myers
Swanton, Ohio
“It’s hard to see when all of my friends are driving new pickup trucks and everything else, and we’re on the farm kind of struggling. We are trying to sustain our farm. It’s a challenge to try to keep the farm going, especially with the low grain prices. The breakevens are hard. It’s about trying to fight and produce the best we can.”

Dave Walton
Wilton, Iowa
“One of the things that is top of mind right now is: Am I going to be able to pay the bills? This has been a tight year. We started out in 2018 with good crops and bad prices. Now, 2019 kind of rolled into the same thing. We have sort of OK prices and OK crops but that doesn’t get you ahead either.”