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#FarmerNice Throws Down Facts About Agriculture

20:54PM Jan 27, 2015

Farmers can rejoice at the new agricultural, fact filled YouTube video that is sure to go viral and help give consumers a little know how.

“So I hear you think you know something about farmers…there’s a word for what you know and farmers use it as fertilizer,” quips the Iowa Nice Guy in the opening line.

He goes on to let viewers know that “food doesn’t start with factories or the Keebler Elves. It starts with farming.”

Facts about nutrition are shared, like the body requires 1,400 lbs. of food per year. “How much of that do you want to grow yourself?”

Iowa Nice Guy discusses the latest science and technology farmers have at their hands, like GPS tracking, precision agriculture and drones.

“But go ahead take another selfie. Farmers were making apple products long before Steve Jobs,” Iowa Nice Guy says.

The Iowa Nice Guy aka Scott Siepker is known for his popular videos that appeared on ESPN about college football. In his typical videos Iowa Nice Guy shares his love of both Hawkeye and Cyclone football and his disdain for everything dealing with Nebraska. He even made a run for governor of Iowa under the Nice Party in an effort to help get people in the state to register to vote.

Iowa Nice Guy brings some good laughs and shares quite a bit of information about agriculture that is sure to help bridge the gap with the 98% of Americans not involved with agriculture.

To help share the Iowa Nice Guy's video use the hashtag #FarmerNice on social media!