Farmers Rank Their Favorite Pick-Up Trucks

11:12PM Jan 13, 2016
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Most farmers have at least one pick-up truck. Do they have a favorite? Turns out the answer is yes – but it’s close.

Farm Journal Media surveyed more than 2,300 farmers in December 2015. Of the respondents, 95.4% own a truck. Of those, 34.7% report owning a Ford F-Series, narrowly edging out Chevy Silverado owners (32.7%). Other responses included:

  • Ram – 18.9%
  • GMC Sierra – 10.9%
  • Toyota Tundra – 1.7%
  • Nissan Titan – 0.1%

Other survey insights include:

  • Purchasing a pick-up truck, rather than leasing one, proved to be the runaway option for farmers, with 99% purchasing their vehicles.
  • 81% of respondents say they are “brand loyal,” but 67% say they would consider switching brands.
  • Respondents primarily rely on past performance when it comes to buying a new pick-up. But they do a fair amount of research prior to purchase, including reviewing materials from their car dealer, as well as third-party information online. Nearly half (49%) say they spend more than 10 days researching before making a purchase.

Respondents say these three considerations are the most important when purchasing a pick-up truck.

  1. American-made
  2. Dealer service
  3. Manufacturer and manufacturer’s warranty

And with regards to vehicle specifications and attributes, respondents list these five factors as the most important.

  1. 4-wheel drive
  2. Durability
  3. Engine size
  4. Cab configuration
  5. Best deal

According to a 2014 Farm Journal Media survey, Ford and Chevy also topped the list of farmer pick-up trucks a year ago, too.

What’s your top truck? Leave a comment and continue the conversation.