Farmers React To Trump’s State Of The Union Trade Comments

January 31, 2018 04:55 PM
President Trump spent a few minutes discussing trade during his first State of The Union address on Tuesday.

During his first State of The Union address on Tuesday, President Trump discussed trade. Still, some farmers felt like he didn’t say enough about free trade, specifically the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“The era of economic surrender is totally over,” Trump said Tuesday night. “From now on, we expect trading relationships to be fair and very importantly, reciprocal. We will work to fix bad trade deals and negotiate new ones and they'll be good ones. But they'll be fair, and we will protect American workers and American intellectual property through strong enforcement of our trade rules.”

AgriTalk Radio host Chip Flory hosted a special episode of the show to give farmers an opportunity to discuss the State of The Union. Here’s what three farmers thought of the president’s comments on free trade:

“I'm concerned his words sound good. You know they sound good, but I think we're in for some rough waters as we continue to push for enforcement. It sounds good, but there's always a price to pay by somebody when you go down these paths. And he was a really light on specifics and he didn't mention NAFTA. I do have great concerns there. I think it's a [Commerce Secretary] Wilbur Ross thing as much as it's a Trump thing on NAFTA. I think we have to get through Wilbur to get to Trump on NAFTA.” - Tim Burrack, Iowa

“I've said all along, since this whole deal started during the campaign, that trade agreements need to be fair. I think agriculture, especially on trade with Mexico, we are the winners there. So you know, putting the fair and reasonable in there gives me some hope. You know, I'm with Tim though, a lot of concern. We've got a lot at stake here. But as you brought out on your show, After the Bell, there's a lot of guys saying if you look at the whole world supply system, it's a zero sum game when you get down to it and there's only so much to go around. But we've got to keep our good deals in place and keep our foot in the door even though it'll probably still work out.” - Ken McCauley, Kansas

“We [in California] export a lot of products to Mexico and Canada. Our own farm exports cantaloupes to Canada and Mexico, and there's a lot of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and probably even meat that goes to those countries from California. So we're concerned about restrictions on free trade. I think most farmers in the U.S. do well in free trade and for most of us I think that's fair trade.” - Joe Del Bosque, California

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bad axe, MI
2/2/2018 07:47 AM

  Like I keep saying this is all about the 70 trillion in credit market debt in the US that's unserviceable. But you have to realize these guys like Wilber Ross , Trump and kids are all sitting on the 70 trillion in deposits from this debt and they don't want to give it up. So there trying to keep hyper inflation going on the (little people) so they can live the life of luxury the farmer doesn't fit into the mix .The IMF and THE WORLD BANK didn't take the bait and kicked the fiat US dollar to the curb and ran with the China's Yuan. Good luck on high crop prices to off set the hyper inflation in this country , it ain't going to happen.

Fort Wayne, IN, IN
2/6/2018 03:59 AM

  I'm with Ralph. There just aren't any positives in withdrawing from NAFTA. Trump has successfully made everything worse. 1 year into office and he hasn't even appointed an ag ambassador--the person who is supposed to be at the table negotiating trade deals in favor of ag. I don't know how anyone can see any good in Trump anymore. Just a rich kid playing with his new toys--us. He has no loyalty and only cares about helping himself and looking good. and he's a hypocritical liar.

cooper, IA
2/2/2018 02:04 PM

  Poor Ralph. So bitter. I get it, Hilary lost and you cannot stand it. You cannot stand that Trump and his policies are actually helping the country and that proves that you were wrong. My advice to you is to just suck it up , admit you were wrong and make peace with yourself while you get on with your life.