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Farmers Share Corn Yield Expectations

15:15PM Sep 16, 2014

Just how big is the 2014 corn crop? More than 1,100 farmers share their estimates for corn yields via a recent Farm Journal Pulse.

Farm Journal Pulse

Harvest is kicking off in several corners of the country. As of Sept. 14, USDA estimates 4% of the U.S. corn crop has been harvested. The five-year average for this time of the year is 9%. Texas and North Carolina farmers have passed the 50% complete mark, while Tennessee, Kentucky and Kansas farmers are around 20% complete.

How high will this year’s corn crop yield? The Sept. 3 Farm Journal Pulse asked: What do estimate the average corn yield to be this year on your farm? Nearly half of the 1,100 respondents predict an average corn yield between 150 and 199 bu./acre, while 20% expect an average yield of 200 bu. or more.

Here are the full results:

  • 0 to 10 bu./acre: 2%
  • 11 to 49 bu./acre: 2%
  • 50 to 99 bu./acre: 8%
  • 100 to 149 bu./acre: 23%
  • 150 to 199 bu./acre: 47%
  • 200 bu. or more: 20%
  • 1,100 respondents



As of September, USDA is forecasting an average national yield of 171.7 bu./acre. In 2013, the average national yield was 158.8 bu./acre.

How will your yields shake out this fall? Submit your report to AgWeb Crop Comments.

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