FCC's $4.9B for Rural Broadband Could Connect Data Science to the Farm

12:31PM Oct 14, 2019
The FCC recently approved funding to help expand rural broadband, something Climate Corporation thinks will help bring data science to the farm.
( Farm Journal )

Connectivity is a major pain point in rural America, but there's a new push to change that. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved $4.9 billion in funding this year to help maintain, expand and improve rural broadband.  

Climate Corporation's John Raines said he recently met with the FCC, who said they are working with more than 170 companies to improve connectivity. Raines said it's a big push that could help drive technology and data in agriculture, connecting data science to the farm. 

John spoke to Tyne Morgan about what's on the horizon during the 2019 AgriTalk, U.S. Farm Report College Roadshow. 

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